Swings for Porches: Total Thumbs Up

Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Swing Canopy Kit

One of my favorite pastimes are taking a nap or reading a good book. I cannot help myself, every time I start a book and find it interesting, I would go to any means just to finish it without anyone disturbing me. Of course, napping is also a habit I don’t want to be disturbed at. Falling asleep isn’t done without effort, and I don’t think people would want to be interrupted if they are having such soundly and comfortable sleep. That’s why I decided to dedicate a certain spot in my house that will be just for me reading a book or taking a nap. The porch came up to be the most ideal candidate for my place of solitude. It’s always breezy at the porch, and much closer to nature as I can easily look over the garden nearby.

But the porch itself cannot satisfy my need for a certain place of comfort. I needed something else, something to sit or lie on, something really comfortable that I wouldn’t be disturbed or interrupted unexpectedly. That’s where my lovely log porch swing came in. Its look, which is creamy white, looked so elegant on my porch, beside the potted flowered plants and a log table with vases of more flowers atop. My log swing has stabilizing logs at the sides, ensuring the tilted form of the swing itself. It is so comfortable, relaxing and I can sit at it perfectly without getting cramps or ache from any body part.

I had loved swings since I was a child, and now appreciated it when I brought one at my porch. I can sleep soundly at it without jerking awake; the comfort is wonderful you wouldn’t notice you’re actually in a swing. Plus, when I read my books there, I would always be at ease with the slight swaying movement. The porch was the answer to comfort and the spot where you can enjoy, relax and have your own peace. I enjoyed reading and sleeping in it, but enjoyed the swing itself as well. I knew that I could always count with log furniture, like porch swings, anytime I would need one.

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