Star Power

HMI Rustic Star Rug, Model # BW1001

In recent years, the popularity of the metal barn star has flourished. Made in different sizes and covered in many different finishes, these stars have gained prominence as decoration in many different areas of houses and outbuildings. Once upon a time, different styles of stars were placed on barns to denote the builder of the structure. Because of their regal stature, their original purpose gave way to one of aesthetic value.

Barn stars can be seen all across the country. Perhaps because of the popularity of the barn star, many decorators have carried the star theme throughout their home. Collectors of star memorabilia seek to display the five pointed shape in many different ways. For hanging curtains, the Village Wrought Iron Curtain Rod and Holdbacks would make a star collector twinkle with delight. For washing up in the bathroom, the HMI Rust, Turquoise, or Red bathroom set outshines the competition. And at the end of a long day of star searching, your collector would love to relax with either the Barbwire Star or Luxury Star bedding ensembles.

Something about the five pointed star is very attractive to some collectors. Perhaps it is out of a sense of patriotism and the white stars on the blue field of the Star Spangled Banner. Maybe it is tied to the barn stars of yesteryear; the history and the meaning behind hanging a star up high for all to see. It could be that there is no real meaning at all, just a love for the simple shape of the star. Whatever the reason, help your star-loving collector put a little star power into your home to make it shine with distinction.

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