Room for 2? Or 3? How About 4?

Cottage Barnwood Bunk Beds, Model # B10120 (Twin over Twin pictured)

This time of year, as the holidays fast approach, many of us are making celebration plans with our families. This is particularly the case for families who have members spread far and wide in different parts of the United States and the rest of the world. The home of destination must be decided upon and travel arrangements must be made. Even for those whose families all live within a close radius, the date and time of the holiday celebration must be determined.

If yours is the host home for the holiday, it is likely that you can also count on overnight visitors. Depending on how many of your family members are coming, from how far, and who all needs overnight accommodations, your house may end up as stuffed as the Thanksgiving turkey. A little bit of panic may set in as you contemplate how you are going to have room for Brother Bob and his family, Aunt Judy, and your parents.

A great way to provide sleeping arrangements for several people in a small amount of space is with a bunk bed. This allows you to fit two or three more people in the same floor space as a queen bed. You may think of a bunk bed as a bed for children, but there are many models that are all grown up. Several different size options are available, from the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood twin over twin to the North Woods Timberwood queen over queen.

Whether you have a liking for log furniture or for reclaimed barnwood furniture, JHEs Log Furniture Place has a bunk bed to fit your needs and your décor. This year, don’t be left having to ask your family to stay in a hotel because you don’t have the room for them. Make a room that will accommodate two, three, maybe even four or more.

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