Musical Mystery

I have lived in the state of Georgia for one year now. Since I am a native Midwesterner, I feel a little out of place in the South. However, since I am an Army wife I am getting used to living in new places and learning how to fit in. I actually find it quite interesting to talk with local people and to develop an understanding and education about the area in which I am living for the moment.

One of the things I have noticed about the people of Georgia is their talent for music. I listen predominantly to the country genre, and have become increasingly aware of the large number of artists that are Georgia natives. Alan Jackson is a classic country crooner that hails from Newnan, and a new Georgia-based group that has taken the music world by storm is the very popular Zac Brown Band.

This leaves me to ponder, what is it about the South that nurtures so much musical talent? The excessive heat of this part of the country forces people to seek a way to keep cool during the long afternoons. For many, sitting in a comfortable chair on the porch or in a swing in the shady front yard is the perfect solution. Perhaps, to waste away the time, groups may gather on a local porch for a jam session. Day after day of indulging in musical collaboration would certainly lend itself to developing a talent.

This mystery is one that I’m certainly not going to solve. But it is fun to consider the possible reasons for all of this talent. I think that I will sit in my favorite chair on the front porch, enjoy a tall glass of sweet tea, and ponder the mystery of how the South is raising these brilliant musicians.

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