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Cottage Hickory Bunk Beds

Convenience is a key factor when it comes to furniture. A furniture should look dashing and could be used dashingly. There was one furniture – or bed – made of wood, that I really admired the moment I saw it. It was a bed owned by my aunt, bought for her son. When they moved into their new house, the space of her son’s room was a bit limited (plus, they have a lot of stuffs, too). So she decided to find a multipurpose bed that will be a space-saver for her son’s room. That’s when she found a bed made of log and wood but is also a table. It looks like this; it’s like a double-decked bed, but below is a study table complete with drawers and all that. Above is, of course, the bed with a lovely nature-themed mattress that is comfortable to sleep in.

I was impressed of the convenience wood furniture had again evolved into. Furniture had once again transformed itself to aid us people on our demands and needs in our lives. That’s what great about our modern time, that even those styles that came from era way back then are transformed to designs that will be in flow with our fast-paced lives. It only proves that the country-style that we had loved since long ago can now be changed (slightly) into modernity for everyone’s convenience. Who could’ve guessed that modern and country can be mixed in such different ways? It is amusing to witness that modern designs can be adopted by country style to make it a lot better than before. Changing some things doesn’t mean an extinction of some sort, but a bit of what we call breath of fresh air from designs that are now continually copied and imitated all over the world. It’s great to see that country or contemporary style is now molded with a tinge of modern pint to help us live easier and more comfortably.

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