How Clean Is Your Bathroom?

White is the color of cleanliness, there’s no doubt about that. So when I went to a friend’s house at the East, I was so impressed of her “clean” bathroom. I chose the word clean to describe it because of its motif – WHITE. Everything was white, from wardrobes, baskets, table under the mirror up to the bathtub – everything was so amazing! She then told me that almost everything on her bathroom is made from aspen. The furniture isn’t painted with white paint but bears their true and natural color, which I did really admire.

I love aspen too, because of its creamy or white color that is perfect for elegance and a calm ambience. So if you put aspen furniture inside a bathroom, the ambience will immediately look so clean and refreshing! Besides, a white-motif bathroom tinged with colors light pink, lavender or light green will look so elegant you’ll start to love taking showers or usual visits to the bathroom. What’s so great about aspen furniture is its natural beauty, its unique quality and its charming appeal whenever you put it. Each structure and design is exclusive and totally amusing that putting one inside your home isn’t unfortunate. Just by putting it in a bathroom will make the place a lot more elegant, comfortable and something to be proud of.

Cleanliness should be always practiced in the bathroom, for hygiene purposes and health issues as well. Plus, who would want a filthy bathroom that you’ll have to use every single day? So making a bathroom white all over is very fresh in the eyes and a tribute to cleanliness as well. We also need to be grateful that there is lovely aspen furniture that is here always to aid us on achieving such things like beauty from the simplicity of its natural charm and form.

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