Barnaby the Barnwood Chair

‘Wyoming Collection’ Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Chair, Model # WY-DC

I like to attach names to things that are near and dear to my heart. For as long as I can remember, I have named my personal vehicle. Old Blue, Scooter, Cavvy, Blackie, and now Jeepers are my steeled and wheeled “family members”. A few of the names may not be very original, but still used with endearment. I’ve had a lot of memories with those vehicles, and I like think of them fondly as helping to create those memories.

Cars aren’t the only inanimate items I attach names to. Other “family members” include things like ‘Sup Cup, my favorite cup; my computer Cooter; and Barnaby the barnwood chair.

Call me crazy, but I get really attached to some of these “things” in my life. I know it happens to others too; I thought my husband was going to have a breakdown when the TV he had owned for 10+ years finally quit working and we had to haul it to the curb. It will be a very sad day for me when Cooter finally has to go the way of old technology and make way for its bigger, brighter, faster, and sleeker new replacement. ‘Sup Cup will probably be lost in one of our future moves, and I might mourn by going on a drinking strike for a couple of days.

But Barnaby, unlike many of these other inanimate “family members”, stands the test of time. I can count on him to be with me through thick and thin, and never go the way of old technology. Barnaby, like the reclaimed barn wood he is made of, is timeless. Sometimes I sit in the dining room on Barnaby’s sturdy seat, close my eyes, and dream that he is telling me stories about all of the things he has seen. In an odd way, those stories I dream up give me inspiration in my own life. In the meantime, Barnaby is collecting new stories in my home. It truly is a great relationship, the one that chair and I have. Call me crazy, but I love Barnaby the barnwood chair and am so glad that he’ll be with me forever.

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