Are You a Knight of the Round Table?

Aspen Mountain Round Table with Stump Base

Tables are a part of our everyday lives. I can’t actually imagine a life without tables, in the house, in the office or anywhere else. Tables had place such important parts for us, like for dining, at work, or just when we need an elevated flat surface to place one of our stuffs in the house. There are actually a lot of styles now when it comes to tables, differently shaped, different styles and appearance. But my most favorite is the round table. When eating, I prefer sphere-shaped tables so that my family is really evenly seated together, so we can talk more closely and intimately, keeping up with each one’s life. I know square tables serve the same, but round for me have more appeal.

I know there might be limited space for round tables, but I think it’s what draws everyone closer. For average families, with around three to four members each, a simple round table would be enough to accommodate all of them. The closeness is important even while eating, in my opinion. You can’t talk with each other if you’re two seats apart, shouting over food is considered rude, they say.

Besides, round table had been through era and another; it even was famous at the time of King Arthur and Camelot. Their famous round table was known for everyone, even up to now with the new generation. So whether a round table served the king and its knights, or just a simple family eating dinner at their house, it still served a very important role for everyone. We should appreciate tables and stop taking them for granted. For example, take the Aspen Mountain Round Table presented at the picture above. Though small, it looked so inviting, so comfortable for a family to eat at. I liked this certain round one because of its simplicity but yet very appealing style. The texture looked so wonderful, even unique, and very smooth. I know the quality is as great as the stylish look, so it is considered a very strong and beautiful table suited for a comfortable house. Aspen furniture is proven to have very impressive lifespan, with solid strength and stability, no one will ever distrust its capability and its use. Aspen, or cedar or oak, as long as it is a log or a wood, you wouldn’t regret getting one because these will serve you at a satisfying rate of time and will put you at awe with their unique beauty and grandeur  even just for a table.

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