Alpine Heirloom Bed

This distinguishing piece of reclaimed log bed is truly a work of art/ It is handcrafted with pride by the masters of the art of building home furnishings, enough to last you lifetime.  The Alpine heirloom bed is indeed one this fabulous pieces. Come, take a look.

The Alpine heirloom bed features a host of reclaimed wood inspired with the European Countryside design. Instead of treating the wood to reach its beautiful luster, the wood is aged naturally with weather conditions. Wasatch sands every piece by hand to assure a smooth finished touch. So you can be assured of the highest quality for every piece.  You cannot go wrong picking a piece in this collection and the Alpine heirloom bed is indeed a wise choice

The Alpine bedroom collection has several colors that you can pick from: Ivory, Barn Red, Ebony, and Natural, this heirloom bed included. You will surely find one to match your design aesthetics and your bedroom regardless of where you place them.  In your master bedroom or a guest room, anyone who rests on this bed will surely find the rustic appeal comforting and relaxing as well. It also comes in a variety of sizes:  full size, king size or queen size, you will surely find a size that fits you.

To ensure that the wood is strong, sturdy and last a long time, an application of many numerous coats of stain to the wood is done. Moreover, the wood is also glazed and then sealed with catalyzed lacquer. This process gives the Alpine collection a rustic and country feel that’s right for any home.  Pick one for your home now.

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