A Barn’s Bounty

Cottage Barnwood Rectangular Harvest Dining Table, Model # 15115-16-25-45-55

At this time of year, as the days grow shorter and the weather turns cooler, we are reminded that harvest is on its way. So many of us enjoy this time of year for the reprieve from hot temperatures, the beauty of the changing leaf colors, “sweatshirt weather”, opening our windows to let fresh air into the house, and excitement about the upcoming fall and winter holidays. Those who like to decorate for the seasons are now eager to dig out their items in the warm hues of autumn.

One of the prominent pieces in autumn decorating is the dining table’s centerpiece. Traditionally a cornucopia or horn-of-plenty, it is often a tribute to the harvest season. Ears of colorful corn, various fruits, perhaps even some wisps of grain often fill the curved cone. The cornucopia can be surrounded in other elements of the fall season, such as golden red leaves, felled acorns, and vines of colorful berries.

An arrangement as striking as this cornucopia should sit on a base fitting of its entire harvest splendor. What is more suitable than the centuries-old centerpiece of agriculture, the American barn? The only things you would be missing from your harvest décor are the cornfield and the tractor (which are better left outside anyway). The Cottage Barnwood Harvest Table, available in various sizes, would be an excellent base for your display of autumn’s bounty. This table, paired with the Cottage Barnwood Farmhouse Bench and Wyoming Collection Barnwood Dining Chairs, are the perfect complements to your home’s harvest bounty decorations. What a perfect way to celebrate this and every year’s harvest!

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