Rural Root Dreamcatcher Barnwood Bed, Model # RRDRMCQ

Usually, when we discuss barnwood furniture, we talk about reclaiming barn wood and giving it a new purpose as furniture inside our homes. We talk about how wonderful it is to preserve our agricultural past by re-using the wood from old barns instead of letting it burn in an arranged inferno or rot in a pile of boards. We remember how sturdy and durable that wood has been for the entire time it has worked to hold a barn up, and how much character it has from the nail holes that puncture it, insects that have called it home, and the time it has spent weathering Mother Nature.

All of those things are still great reasons to love barnwood furniture. But we must realize that barns will not be around forever for us to make furniture out of. Happily, some of them are restored and find a new purpose. Others fall into disrepair, while still others are taken apart so the wood can be re-used. Whatever their fate, old barns are disappearing and with it, the supply of barn wood for furniture. However, do not despair. Lines of furniture are available that are made of new lumber but still have that old world weathered charm.

The Rural Root and Timberwood collections sold by JHEs Log Furniture Place are examples of such new construction barnwood furniture. These pieces are crafted with traditional designs and newly harvested pine logs. To create the character of barn wood planks, the logs are rough sawn to leave texture in the wood face.

If you truly want to incorporate reclaimed barn wood pieces into your home, JHEs Log Furniture Place has several lines to choose from. However, if you desire the look of barnwood furniture but don’t mind what the source of the wood is, you should definitely consider newly constructed wanna-be-a-barn furniture. Its look and character won’t disappoint you.

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