Mother Nature’s Art

Grizzly Cubs

Last week, when I was at the mall, I happened to came by a small stall full of portraits, charcoal sketches and paintings. Art had been one of my aspirations during childhood but had never pursued it. So I usually just admire artworks and paintings every time I have a chance to gape at them. I managed to have a conversation with the painter, he was funny at some point, but mostly, we talked about his paintings. I told him I am really drawn into artworks that are nature-themed which are close to Mother Nature, like the forest, the lake, the animals and all.

He showed me more of his paintings and I was at awe. He even demonstrated what he was finishing at that time, which was a bunch of orchids. The texture, the colors were so vibrant, it was visible despite it being incomplete yet. I loved his collection of nature-themed artworks. There were mountains over a vast lake, a single violet orchid atop a very luscious and green tree, and beavers in the water playing with each other. I also noticed the frames he used, and they were not made with plastic or metal. He had told me that he preferred wood and log frames for his works.

When I asked him why, he said that the look of the wood or log itself made his painting stand out more. Like it had given his paintings more attitudes, more edge, than before. I appreciated the fact that he had appreciated wood and log frames for his already nature-loving paintings. He had combined in one the two things I also like, nature artworks and wood accessories. I promised him I would buy one of his paintings one of these days, as I still need to consult my home a spot where I would be proud to put it. He gave a smile back for that.

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