Majestic Bookshelf

Cottage Hickory Bookshelf

I am a big fan of books and barnwood furniture as well. For me, it is majestic to see both combined on one spot of my house. When you have a lot of books that needed to be piled or lined up, you need a very solid, very strong bookshelf to support it all. That’s where barnwood bookshelf would come in. It’s already proven and tested, the quality is superb, brilliant, and the look is very charming as well. Reclaimed barnwood bookshelf has that shiny and smooth texture that gives out the essence of class and style. Books would look important, expensive and very valuable when you put it on a wood bookshelf.

Barnwood bookshelves had been through the passed era, standing out most importantly during the Victorian, when the European had used wood and log to craft and design such lavish furniture that’s tinged with class and elegance. Up to now, those designs live on and give more elegance to modern homes. Bookshelves are already living legends, supporting and organizing important books of ours and hundreds of people around the globe. The shelves are made with such details to ensure that its support is rock-solid. So you’ll never worry of its strength as time pass on by.

What I love most about barnwood bookshelves is its look. For me it’s divine and a total classic; like you’re still in the Victorian Era every time you lay your eyes on it. Majestic is the right type of word, towering above all other furniture, lined with books of utmost value, and looking as though it had been years since it was created. No, I’m not pertaining that it is old, but that it has retained and maintained its beauty after so many years. Barn wood furniture, like bookshelves, improve years after years and would never lose its appeal.

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