Low Maintenance Logs

Log homes and furniture, as beautiful and comfortable as they are, can be a lot of work. Dust bunnies love to hide out in the wood grain, multiplying just as the real rabbits do. Many of us have house pets, which only add to the dirt and hair that collects in the corners. The amount of housekeeping that log construction takes is certainly a consideration when designing a home or shopping for furniture.

It is customary to construct a log home so that logs are prominent both on the outside and the inside of walls. However, the ledge that is created by each half round log is an open invitation for dust particles to settle. Constant vacuuming and dusting can tame the dust bunnies, but only those within reach. Because most log homes feature great rooms with high ceilings and open gables, there are many surfaces for dust to gather and it can be virtually impossible to reach those areas to remove it. In order to avoid this problem, flat wall surfaces can be used on the interior of the home. These flat walls can be easier to care for because they don’t offer the same surfaces for dust to gather. The smoother the finish on the walls, the less maintenance they will require.

The same considerations should be taken when purchasing log furniture. Full log construction such as the Rustic Lakeland collection will invite the dust bunnies, but is much easier to dust and vacuum than high walls. For that reason, you may choose to incorporate low maintenance flat walls in your home and instead carry the full log look with your furniture. The rough sawn texture like that of the Rural Root collection of barnwood furniture can also invite dust. Care must be taken when dusting such a rough texture. Because cloths can leave behind residue, it is best to vacuum the dust off those pieces.

When designing and decorating a home, there is a laundry list of things to consider. If you wish to spend more of your time enjoying your home and less time maintaining it, you may want to purchase log furniture that is constructed of flat logs with a smooth finish. Or you may feel that the benefits of full log and/or rough sawn furniture may far outweigh its drawbacks.  You must weigh the pros and cons yourself to determine just how much maintenance you want to dedicate to your log home.

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