Love at First Sight

Barnwood Designs Saratoga Platform Bed

Loving reclaimed barnwood furniture had been my routine for years, but I can still remember the first time that I had laid my eyes on the first ever barnwood furniture that I saw. It was a great king sized barnwood bed, complete with everything on it. I ran my hands on the surface and loved the smooth and silky texture. Since then, my mindset was never changed. I had been a great fan of reclaimed barnwood furniture and all of its kind. From living room sets, to dining and then to bedroom – each pieces are a part of one, and a set wouldn’t be complete with a missing part. Even barnwood accessories have their important roles, and they would complete a terrific barnwood look. Think of them as pieces of a puzzle and you can never finish without a missing piece. It’s great to realize in the end that the puzzle is a great masterpiece that you had patiently and determinedly put on together.

What’s so great about barnwood furniture is its design, its charming appeal and charisma. Whatever barnwood furniture that you’ll see is a head-turner. If you pass one, you’ll certainly stop and stare at its unique design and exterior. It is like from another era, so classic yet it’ll fit in on our generation. You can put a barnwood living room set on a grand modern house and it’ll never clash in. Design is its greatest asset and the look as well. Barnwood furniture designs can be woven uniquely with each one’s imagination. Take a bed for instance, its wood that is used as parts can have crazy or different shapes and designs to create a ravishing masterpiece. All in all, you’ll always be in awe whenever you lay your eyes on barnwood furniture. I know I always do. I always stop, stare and admire the design, the texture and everything about barn wood furniture every time I see one.

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