Front Porch Seating

Rustic Natural Cedar Log Porch Swing with Chain Kit, Model # 26C

What isn’t to love about a front porch? It’s a great place to sit and relax, reflect and plan, talk with family and friends or enjoy some “me” time. A porch can create another room in the house, with a place to put chairs, children’s toys, flowers and plants, even a ceiling fan or a television. Three or four season porches are usually easily accessible from both inside and outside the house, and are decorated as though they are an interior room.

As with people, every porch has a different character. Some are covered, some are open, some are large and wrap around a house, and others are only big enough to stand on and open a door. Each individual porch presents its own decorating challenge. In fact, because of awkward shape and size, sometimes it is even difficult to create a seating area.

For those who have large wraparound porches, it can be a daunting task to decorate the entire expanse. The easiest way to approach this challenge is to visually break the porch down into separate areas. You can create two or three or more individual seating areas. One area might be centered on a swing or a tête-à-tête. Another may consist of a group of chairs. If the porch is covered and protected from the elements, you might even consider an upholstered chair and loveseat.

Small porches create unique seating challenges. If your space is limited, you will need to find chairs and tables that have a small footprint but are still comfortable and functional. A pub table with stools would be a great choice for small seating areas. If you don’t wish to sit up high, you should look for a low profile chair that is both versatile and fairly compact. The Contoured Comfort Leisure Chair is a design that can be incorporated into many different seating arrangements without taking up a large amount of space.

Whatever your porch configuration may be, you can find a seating solution at JHE’s Log Furniture Place. Just be sure to measure your porch and choose chairs that fit into the space while allowing room for your visitors to walk up to your front door. Remember, your creative front porch seating arrangement can provide many hours of relaxation and entertainment.

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