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Aspen Designs Crazy Horse Log Beds

People have different personalities; different tastes, traits and choices in life. We also have different tastes when it comes to bed, and it’s a major thing as it’s where we lie down and rest after such a hectic day. We should be careful when it comes to choosing our beds, we should make sure it’s comfortable, will match our room’s interior design and will last a long time for practicality. I like log beds the most, compared to others. The comfort is amazing, the appeal timeless and quality unbeatable. Here are some picks that I really like and would love to share with everyone:

White Ozark Cedar Log Bed – this bed is made from Northern White Cedar Logs that has a creamy white color. I loved it because it looked so elegant and calming, perfect for a very serene room. It is resistant to insect damage or decay so the quality is very high. The entire bed was said to be completely made out of cedar logs, even the mattress support, so the bed is ensured to be very strong, not easily damaged. It’s charming, unique and very mild. In my opinion, this bed fits women the most for its feminine design.

Cottage Adirondack Twig Bed – The style itself of this bed is very unique and I found it very catchy. It is built with Northern Cedar Logs and hand peeled and crafted. I think this bed is great for the children, for boys especially. The unique design is appealing and very exceptional. Comfort seemed to fill this bed and will stand out at any room it is put in. It’s clear-coat catalyzed lacquer finish for added permanence.

Aspen Designs Crazy Horse Log Beds – I have the love for unique-styled beds, and the word Aspen itself if defined with detail, gnarls, burly logs and knots. I think eccentric beds are one of a kind, and each Crazy Horse Log Beds have different designs, nothing’s ever alike. The parts of these sorts of beds are hand picked by builders and put together into a very exclusive shape that will differ from others. Each piece is made with extreme care and the builders made it sure that the natural quality of the logs is preserved. I really liked this bed; I bet it will fit anyone.

Rustic Natural Cedar Simple Sunburst Beds – Now, this is my couple’s bed. It has a modern rustic log look and the quality is just superb. Each log is placed solidly for greater support and strength. It even has the strength of a metal frame because of its very long side rails. I think this bed is fit for couples because of its eternal look and simplicity. It doesn’t have to be so grand to make it special, besides, the bed itself looked so special out of its simplicity. What’s important too is that it is comfortable and soothing for the people who rest in it. Beds shouldn’t just look good but also feel very, very good.

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