When Work Comes Home

Let’s face it; sometimes our work does not stay in the office. It’s inevitable that we have weeknights and weekends spent on the desk – at home. Having a home office is no longer a mystery, it’s a necessity. Take it or take, you need to have some space at home where you can drag your day job to. I know I do.

However, you and I have it differently. I might be taking the job home but I’m not taking the office feel inside my crib; no can do. That’s not going to happen. You see, my home is my space; my rules.  I will keep my home laid back and relaxed. That’s how I want it; that’s how it’s going to be. Period.

Now this is the point where I will tell you how I do that. I tell you, you might want to pay attention and take this down because I’m pretty sure you too would want to have a better experience working at home. I have to admit that sometimes I even feel I’m more productive in my home office than in the company office.

Here’s the catch: follow these simple suggestions and turn your home office from boring to awesome!

Cabin Creek Timberland Computer Desk

Don’t mimic your office. When you look around your company office all you see is steel, metal, glass, and plastic. Leave those there. Do not have these materials either for chairs, drawer, table, door, etc. My suggestion is for you to use wood. Nothing beats wood in setting every space cozy

Bring Cabin Creek’s warm cedar creations to your home office. Below image shows the Cabin Creek Timberland Computer Desk that’s featured with a file drawer, 3 storage drawers and a cabinet door for a CPU; and Cabin Creek Upholstered Ladderback Chair.

Meyda 23 Inch Acorn & Oak Leaf Table Lamp

Dim your lights. So I’m guessing you will think dimming your lights will not be good for your eyes, but I didn’t say that you should work in the dark. Just lower your lighting a little. If you will work on a computer, just have your monitor, a desk lamp, and a floor lamp on. Place your floor lamp across the room so that your surroundings will to be too dark.   The advantage of this is that you can focus on your work much better since it’s the only thing you can clearly see. It’ll also give you a sense of isolation, space, and privacy. To dim your lights in the day, pull down some blinds or roll your curtains out and leave just one window open.

The Meyda 23 Inch Acorn & Oak Leaf Table Lamp (shown on the right) is my favorite pick. This will go so well with the wooden motif of your work space. Check out Meyda Floor lamps and/wall cones that would go perfectly with this pick. Soothe your taste.

Play some lounge music. A little jazz, blues, and soul will help. Lounge music makes me think and it calms my nerves. It helps me when I’m working. However, lounge music might not work for you so just have anything that will set you on a calm, relaxed, but not sleepy atmosphere. If you think that’s hard to figure out; well, imagine yourself in a movie. Let’s say you’re Nicholas Cage or Julia Roberts, if you’re a woman. Picture Nicholas Cage or Julia Roberts drowned in work then ask yourself; what music will be playing on the background. If you are able to figure that out, then you’re off to a good start. Play that background music.

Spray on some air freshener. I don’t know about you but a good scent calms me as well and I hate a bad smell.

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