The Barnwood Childproofing Solution

Cottage Barnwood Open Coffee Table, Model # 14060-90

My husband and I recently added a new member to our family. Our baby boy was born on June 24th and has brought along with him many changes to our household, as only babies can do. Along with those changes comes a significant impact to our pocketbook.

In the past, when purchasing furniture, we had an affinity for tables with glass tops. That includes our dining room table, coffee table, and end tables. All of them have beveled edges and are affixed to their bases with only felt pads. We knew, before our little boy arrived, that they would have to be replaced before he was old enough to pull himself up on furniture. I cringe at the thought of him pulling the glass over on himself.

So, with the addition of a child to our family and the reality of furniture shopping on the horizon, the function of our tables must change. No longer are they for looks only. Now they must be sturdy enough so that he can pull himself up without mishap, resistant to scratches and dings and crayons, and durable enough to withstand the abuse that only a child can deliver. Reclaimed barnwood furniture is the perfect solution for our family. The coffee table and end tables fulfill all of our needs, and can be paired perfectly with a barnboard television stand. A heavy-duty barnwood dining table with matching chairs will be able to withstand the rigors of an active family. Best of all, this barnwood childproofing solution is durable enough to be used years down the road when our grandchildren are small!

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