Standing Out in a Crowd

All across the country, there are barns of all shapes and sizes. Some are lovingly restored and taken care of while others are falling into heaping ruins. Most of them are some shade of red, whether it is a fresh and bright coat of paint or faded red streaked with the weathered grey of wood that has braved the elements for years.

Every once in awhile, someone takes the time and consideration to do something a little different with their barn. These are the ones that really stand out in your mind. One such barn is situated on the outskirts of Nokesville, Virginia. The first thing that those traveling by notice is the grass green color of the barn. Although it blends in with the color of the pasture surrounding it, any structure that is painted that bright shade of green usually attracts the eye. If you are traveling east, you will notice that this particular barn also has a large mural of a dancing cow and pig painted on the west side of. I believe there is also a script painted next to the happy critters that announces you are welcome in Nokesville. The sight of the dancing farmyard animals always puts a smile on my face. It also makes me look forward to driving through Nokesville.

Reclaimed barnwood furniture can be considered in the same way. Many houses contain furniture that is similar in look and construction. Some of it is machine-manufactured pressboard with veneer finish and some is handmade of solid wood. However, very few pieces of furniture contain the character that reclaimed barn wood provides in a home. Its rustic and weathered look exudes a warm welcome to those who visit the home. This is the type of furniture that will stand out in a crowd.  Those who visit will remember the warm welcome of the barnwood furniture and look forward to stopping by again.

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