Rustic and Reclaimed

While visiting our family and friends in Iowa recently, I made a stop at a certain large chain outdoor store. The exterior of this store, like most of them in this particular chain, is composed of timber logs that have been stained and varnished. The roof is covered with hunter green shingles. The building is very striking and, while blending into the scenery around it, it also distinguishes itself against the fields and other surrounding businesses.

However, unlike other store locations, this one boasts an attached bowling alley and grill. That portion of the building is set apart with reclaimed barn board siding and an aged tin roof. The combination of the rustic log portion and the reclaimed barn half makes for an interesting mishmash of styles. They are completely different but at the same time complement each other well.

You can replicate such a look in your own home. Perhaps you like both barnwood and log furniture and can’t decide on which style to incorporate into your house. You may choose to outfit your living room with log furniture and your dining room with barnwood. Or, you may face a greater challenge with combining both styles into all of your rooms. A barnwood bed and log dresser and nightstand create an interesting mixture of rustic and reclaimed wood. Take a hint from the outdoor superstore and try mixing these two styles in your home.

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