Revisiting Country Life

North Woods Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The charm of country style interiors had originated from the lifestyle that family-centered individuals embraces. If you want your kitchen that attracts mind images of home cooked meals, freshly picked vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, then you should go back in time and take bits of inspiration from the rustic country. Choose from furniture and accents that give earthly appear and look or clean contemporary silhouettes. This is done by turning yourself to the principles that make up the country style instead of limiting yourself with decorative motifs. This way, you can capture the look without being frozen in time.

Guide #1. Choose your Colors

Let Mother Nature guide you when choosing a color palette. You may want to take your inspiration from color schemes found in the natural pigments of the earth. You may also use the shades of organic pigments like indigo and carmine.

Guide #2. Natural Influences

Synonymous to country style is the use of natural materials and rustic textures. However, there are new materials that stimulate the texture and color of their natural counterpart while providing durability and strength to stand regular wear-and –tear

Guide #3. Historical References

Include accents that can introduce an element of history and nostalgia into the kitchen. You may want to display an artifact, family heirloom or a period style piece.

Guide #4. Traditional Yet Updated

The country style pays homepage to everything handmade and this includes traditional craftsmanship. You may want to include wooden accents and features like sidings and paneling. Go for the simple paneled kitchen cabinet doors that have minimal moldings and grooves to achieve a more contemporary appearance.

Guide #5. Handmade Goodness

Incorporate handmade items into your kitchen whenever possible. You may want to put up baskets and wooden bins for storage and traditional copper pans and pots for cooking and ceramic pottery for serving.

Following these guides, you will definitely be inspired to prepare home-cooked meals in the new country kitchen.

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