Love for Barn Wood Dining

Barnwood Designs Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Table

Of all the different parts of a house, I loved the kitchen and the dining area the most. That’s why I took greater importance on interior designing on that certain part of the house. Each of my barnwood furniture is chosen carefully before I bought them. I made it sure first that it was needed and wouldn’t clash with my other furniture that I already had.

  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Side Board – it was drawer style and held most of the cutlery of my kitchen. Atop I put some candles and a lovely vase that’s always filled with freesia and roses. My sideboard has plenty of storage (four drawers, two doors and a shelf inside).
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Pub Table – as I wanted more space for the kitchen and dining, I took a risky decision on buying the pub table. It was smaller than other dining tables but just enough for all of us. The chairs matched the table (pub chairs) and all of them complements any décor in place.
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Bench – why a bench you say? Well, I don’t want to scrap my floor by moving the chairs too much so I purchased a wonderful barnwood bench. I sit here when I’m waiting for the food to cook or when I chat with a guest.
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Kitchen Island – crafted with reclaimed Red Oak planks and a brilliant useful décor in my kitchen. The hinges are concealed, probably a European style for a clean appearance.
  • Cottage Barn Wood Hutch – I liked its dull catalyzed lacquer finish, the surface is smooth and silky. It also has a lot of storage, which is a space saver, so I put most of the kitchen stuffs in there. But wait, I also put some decorations on it too, for design and style.

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