Honey, I Shrunk the House!

Have you ever heard of WEE HOMES? I thought of writing about it here. I never knew about it before until I stumbled upon a copy of the Architectural Digest dumped into my magazine rack.

How I happened to see it there; well, I was cleaning. It’s amazing how cleaning can really lead you into finding something you’d need and you’d thought you never had. I was fortunate because the magazine helped me with ideas.

Now back to WEE HOMES; my real topic.  Wee homes are simply houses that have relatively small floor area. They run as small as 65 square feet. I don’t know if you have noticed, but houses are getting smaller and smaller these days, even in Developments. Is it a trend? Yes, it is a trend of this decade.

As the latest survey has found out, more and more American families have started building Wee homes and even refashioning their old structures and shrinking-down sizes from the supposed standard. When homes from the last decade have sunrooms, butt’ries or pantries, and a separate toilet and bath; nowadays these are omitted or maybe contracted.

Perhaps the gravest reason for this shrinking trend is the recession. The recession has pushed American home owners to economize and seek efficiency in their lifestyle. Simply put, if it’s not needed, get rid of it. Also, today’s lifestyle has made people spend more time outside their homes so who needs a lot of space really?

Now, how does this affect the business of furniture?

Because of this new trend, furniture manufacturers were faced with the challenge of making new types of furniture that will adequate the smaller and more efficient quality of WEE homes. If you are living in a wee home or maybe you just have a relatively small space, taking what experts advise as the best furniture to use may be beneficial to you. In that case, here are the new types of furniture you can use:

Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Desperado Coffee Table


Streamlining is a type of design that was a result of the “Streamline Moderne” movement. The idea is to focus on simplicity rather than ornamentation. As designers of this style say it, “less is more.”  Functionality is also an objective to consider in this type of design.

In furniture, streamlining applies when furniture is made as with smaller profile and without any embellishment. It also has to apply that this furniture has good functionality. Groovy Stuff Teak Wood offers a streamlined furniture with its “Desperado Coffee Table.”

North Woods Timberwood Bookcase Headboard


Because of the smaller living space, consumers demand furniture that can be multifunctional. Most of which are furniture with additional storage. More and more consumers want furniture to be made with additional storage to reduce clutter at home. Below is North Woods’  “Timberwood Bookcase Headboard Bed;” an example of a multifunctional furniture.


Accent furniture are furniture that has artistic or decorative appeal. Having this furniture instead of owning artworks saves space at home. Now, there is no need for floor vases, paintings, etc. to accentuate the home. Furniture is made to be, by itself, a home décor. This saves space and eliminates the possibility of crowding your living space. To illustrate an accent furniture, below is an image of Groovy Stuff Teakwood’s Alabama Garden Bench that is perfect as entry bench.

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