Have Hammock, Will Relax

This summer has been one of extreme heat in many areas of the country. Most states east of the Missouri River have suffered record-breaking high temperatures. All of the heat has made it quite miserable to participate in most outdoor activities, at least during the day. It is summers like this that make us truly appreciate the comfort that air conditioning can provide.

Spending a lot of time indoors can create a sort of cabin fever, however. Sometimes we feel the need to venture outside and take in some fresh air, no matter how hot it is. These are the times that we take a cold beverage with us, seeking shade and whatever breeze might be blowing. Since it is too hot to do many physical activities, relaxing in the heat is the priority. What better way to do this than on a hammock?

Once you think about it, a hammock is the ultimate outdoor getaway. You can read a book, nap, or just relax and let your thoughts wander. Your hammock can become the outdoor version of your indoor bedroom. The cotton web of the hammock may not be as comfortable as your barnwood bed and your bedside table may consist of a large rock instead of a rustic barnwood nightstand. However, all the comforts of indoors can be taken out of your armoire, put neatly into a basket, and taken outside for the day. Instead of staying indoors and lamenting the heat of summer, embrace it with a trip outside to relax in your hammock.

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