Fresh Barnwood Break

Rustic Natural Cedar Log Farmers Table with Benches

A few days ago, I visited a friend out into the countryside into her large, cabin-like home. The view, the fresh air, the natural friendliness of nature was overwhelming – as well as my friend’s house was. Given that she and her husband lives in the countryside, their house was of course, based with the concept of using barnwood furniture. I was so amazed of how their house looked, like I was back a few years ago when I entered their doorstep. Their living room consists of all barn wood furniture, from mirrors to TV stand, and the chairs and cushions. The wood on the furniture looked so timeless, but still somewhat aged at some point, but presented such a contemporary feel that relaxed my whole senses. It was like I was at my own house, warm and comfortable.

Their dining room and kitchen was as magnificent as the living room. The drawers, kitchen islands, tables and chairs looked as if they were made to fit together inside the house. Almost everything was hand-crafted, which only made the furniture more special than those mechanically made. The rich color and texture of the rustic and wood was breath-taking, even its smooth surface got me in awe. I asked my friend if the furniture cost them much, but she proudly said that they got them for such affordable prices that they were all worth it. She was even guaranteed of her furniture’s long life span, fulfilling her needs of long term furniture.

Their rooms were very outstanding as well, I felt envious when my eyes caught sight of the log beds and the nature-themed bed sheets. Their closet was enormous and the smell of authenticity filled the space, just like their drawers and bedside table. As I looked further into the rooms, I realized what barnwood furniture gives a home – the feeling that you are home. The feeling of peace; there was the warm homey appeal that made it worth going home from a hectic day. And even their back yard was so amazing; I had a brief desire to live in the countryside too. My friend’s backyard had a wonderful and luscious cedar archway full of leaves, vines and flowers in the middle of her flower patch, she also has a beautiful small log bridge over her little pond surrounded by water lilies. A picnic bench stood under a tree near the barbeque grill and the log love seat.

It was like a dream house for every family, I must admit. I thanked my friend when I left and was done with our matter. It was such a good break from modernization and be relaxed by the barn-like ambience. Barnwood furniture does have its magic, the way it transform a simple home into a very welcoming one. I wished all of us would surrender and adopt such concept in our own houses; it would really be worth it. Barnwood furniture and its incomparable appeal will urge you to go home every after work or school, making you say “There’s no place like home.” satisfyingly.

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