Fairy Tales Do Come True

Since we were young, we have been aware of such fairy tales that became a bedtime habit for everyone. It was the little girls that actually got so hooked on fairy tales, with princesses and princes getting their happily ever after on their far away kingdom. One of the most famous fairy tales would be Snow White’s story, a princess who lost her parents and lived with her evil step mother, which was a witch. Her life was threatened and sought the safety of the dwarves in the woods, in their little but happy cottage. Snow White’s story is history, a story known by every human being alive. Well, every little girl that had grown up also wants a Snow White story to take place in their lives. Not the witch/queen part maybe, but the happily ever after.

But there are only few princes that are alive now, and a happily ever after cannot be fully guaranteed these days, but if you’re still looking for a fairy tale experience, it can happen right at your very home! Did you know that you can transform your house into Snow White and the Dwarves’ cottage with barnwood furniture? Your house can have the transformation of a lifetime, from simple to contemporary beauty! Rustic and barnwood furniture such as chairs, dining tables, chests, drawers and wardrobes can magically turn your house into that fairy tale cottage. You can also turn your garden into that lovely meadow where Snow White bid the dwarves good bye off to their work. Cedar arbors and arches can achieve that look, draped in vines, leaves and flowers. Garden benches would also do the trick with potted plants and gardening materials. With a little work and effort, you can relive a fairy tale in your own house. You can now be Snow White waiting for the Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet into a happily ever after.

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