Barn Wood for Babies

Anywhere Log Baby Cradle

I met a childhood friend again a few days ago and she was 5 months pregnant of their first baby. At this early, they wanted to finish the baby’s room and asked some advice. Of course, I suggested barnwood furniture – a lovely cedar crib would highlight the entire room. So I accompanied her with checking out some stuffs for the baby’s room, it was a delighting experience – her excitement with the baby influenced me and we found ourselves checking out drawers, wallpapers, and other things that’s needed. We actually found an aspen crib that looked so dashing; the texture looked so fine and silky. The surface was smooth if touched and it promised a guaranteed quality. We got it on reserved and my friend will come back for it after a few days.

We also found a nice rustic, natural cedar amoire that would match perfectly with the crib. It’s naturally resistant to decay and insect damage so the quality is also certain. The log lamp that we found was also fantastic; it has fairy designs (fit for their baby girl) that come with a rustic clock stand. My friend asked why I was so into barnwood furniture as she was amazed of my choices for her baby room. I told her I liked the contemporary look, the everlasting and changeless appeal of the furniture. It looked like I converted her into loving barnwood furniture as well, as she was so enchanted by looking at more furniture appropriate for the dining and living room. I was glad to help and show her the advantage and beauty of barnwood furniture and all. I wished her and her soon to be baby well, and of course great luck with the baby’s room (or nursery) on which I promised to help on designing.

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