An Arbor for All Seasons and Reasons

Old Adirondack Tahawus Adjustable Arbor Model #447TM

Because my husband is in the military and we move quite frequently, we typically live in rental housing. This makes it much easier when we receive the orders to move…we don’t have to worry about putting a house on the market, preparing a home for potential buyers, and possibly having to juggle two mortgages while waiting on a sale. However, there are certainly many downfalls to living in a home that we cannot really call our own.

I love to have vegetables and flowers planted all around the outside of the house. Unfortunately, when the property is not one that I own, I am limited in what I can and cannot do with it. The house that we currently live in is on-base military housing. Our community is very new and apparently the land the homes are built on was stripped of all trees and shrubs in order to build. Because of that, all of the trees that are in the neighborhood are immature and not terribly attractive to birds and butterflies.

Another hard and fast rule in our present community is that we are not, under any circumstances, to put holes in the outside of the house. Because of that, I have not been able to hang any bird feeders to attract the few feathered friends that do inhabit our neighborhood. The other day I was sitting in my living room, looking out the window, wishing I could hang a feeder outside in order to enjoy the birds. Suddenly it occurred to me that I could position a log arbor right outside the window! That would serve three purposes: a nice visual impact on which I could grow a nice flowering vine, some privacy to prevent walkers on the nearby sidewalk from gawking into our window, and I can hang bird feeders from the top of the arbor. All of this without so much as touching the side of the house, definitely abiding by the rules!

This same plan can be carried out at your house as well, whether you own or rent. The arbor can be taken down and moved with you to your next destination, if you so desire. If you move as often as we do, I would suggest an adjustable arbor such as the Old Adirondack Tahawus. The flexibility of this design will allow you to adapt to different window sizes, even accommodating French doors if you so desire. Consider purchasing a log arbor for all of your own reasons and seasons!

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