A Cinderella (Country) Story

Meyda Moose At Lake Fireplace Screen

Ella was a motherless young girl and was frightened by her stepmother and stepsisters. Her father was far away for business and was forced to be the household’s all around chamber maid. She was also forced to use the dirty and dusty basement as her room, with only the fireplace and the cinders to make her warm during frosty nights. She was usually found by her stepmother in front of the cinders, and that’s how she got the name Cinderella. Now, you don’t have to be just like Cinderella with her dusty and dirty fireplace. You can now liven up your fireplaces with these wonderful additions or accessories to make your lives a lot warmer and comfortable.

The special accessories for the dilemma are the fireplace screens and pillar holders with nature or country-inspired designs. Why settle for boring and ordinary looking fireplaces when you can put more dashing designs on it that will last a life time? What’s great about country-themed accessories is that they always represent such calming and comfortable aura, making you feel that you are comfortably at your own home, relaxing and taking a break. Fireplaces that are country styled would always stand out and be a target for appreciation. Plus, your fireplace can be assured of long-time quality with its screens.

Pillar holders that are made from wrought irons have such long life spans. They are 100% best quality so you’ll realize that your money was worth it. Even the screens would give such convenient use for your family and your living room or entire household. The difference about Cinderella’s Story and today’s Cinderella Stories is that we are now more capable of options to make our fireplaces and cinders more special! We are modernized to appreciate even contemporary styles like the country one, so there’s no need to just stick with the ordinary. What’s great for us is that there are no hateful stepmothers for us, no bragging stepsisters, and a lovelier fireplace than Cinderella’s. Now isn’t that wonderful?

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