Undercover Barn

Have you ever really paid attention to the barns you see as you travel across the countryside? I notice them more and more these days. My husband and I recently made the trek from Georgia to visit family in Iowa, the heart of the Midwest. I love road trips such as this, watching the changing landscape go by as we cruise down the highway. We left the pine trees of Georgia, drove into the mountains of Tennessee, and eventually transitioned to the farmland of Illinois and Iowa. I felt such a sense of home as I watched the farmsteads blur by the car window. And along with nearly every farmstead was at least one barn, large and looming above the other farm buildings.

It is interesting to note the materials used to make the barns, their shapes and sizes, the state they are in, pondering the story of each individual’s history. Some are composed of red brick, looking almost as new as the day they were built, grass cut carefully and feedlots surrounding the barn in pristine condition. Others are wooden structures, leaning off to one side, covered by trees and vines. It’s those barns that are shrouded in mystery by years of overgrown brush that are the most intriguing. Just like working on a puzzle, I want to delve into the barn and decipher every piece. By doing so a story can unravel about who has been there and what has happened under the shelter of that expansive roof.

That story can continue with the addition of barnwood furniture in your home. As you sit on your reclaimed barnwood sofa, you can daydream about the stories that old wood can tell. You might be surprised about the things that your bed or dining room table has seen in its long and storied past. It might even inspire you to write something new in your own life story. An undercover barn is the stuff that dreams and stories begin with.

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