Sustainable Furniture

The need for everything sustainable has soared to high levels in this decade. Perhaps we really are seeing a little too many of environmental destructions and experiencing harder economic situations; and that’s the reason behind this trend.

It isn’t a bad idea to stop wasting our resources or to cease from using too many of what is available. I wonder why not many have paid more attention to that earlier and we really waited until things started to be difficult before we acted upon the idea. It’s true then; people have always directed their actions towards problem solving. It does follow that we often act only after problem has already occurred.

Nonetheless, I’m loving this drive towards sustainability because there really is more sense in doing it that way than otherwise.

Let’s talk about sustainability more in line with furniture since furniture is what we discuss here. Since this issue has risen, many people have paid more attention to log furniture.

Despite the fact that wood has always been a basic material in the manufacture of furniture, iron and plastic have put up a tough competition. However, because of the ecological campaign, wood has surfaced again as a preferred material for many.

Reclamation has also become popular. Manufacturers have turned their interest on reclaiming wood and furniture. Reclaimed wood are used wood or lumber that has been taken for re-use. This wood is taken from old barns, factories, and buildings that are abandoned or left standing idle for a period of time. They are refinished to be used for new purposes such as in the production of furniture.

Reclaimed furniture, on the other hand, is furniture that is refinished, redesigned, or re-crafted from old furniture that would otherwise be useless and trashed. In other words, these recycled furniture.

Sustainable furniture is the option for people who are interested to go green; people who are actually concerned about avoiding deforestation and maximizing on what w have already gotten out of our forests. It is also an option for people who prefers rustic furnishings, and for people who’d want cheaper options.

Barnwood Designs offers a good deal of reclaimed furniture. They have items that are rustic enough to make you nostalgic of centuries past. Taking a look at their items would also tell you that their furniture can give you 100 percent functionality and durability.

Barnwood Design’s Alpine Collection includes furniture which uses barn wood that’s at least 100 years old. The wood has been treated by drying and sanding to create furniture with a smooth texture and preserve its natural appearance. They also stain the furniture with color finishes of ivory, black, natural, and red.

I personally like the Barnwood Designs beds because of one particular feature; they are Tundler Beds. In case you are wondering what tundler bed is; it is a bed that includes another bed on rollers and casters tucked under it. That provides for an extra bed or can be used for storage too. It’s like a “buy one- take one” deal. I just love the multifunctionality.

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