Star Spangled Barn

All across the country there are barns that have big bright displays or ads printed on their sides. One of the most prominent marketing campaigns that used barns is Mail Pouch Tobacco. I have seen many barns in the eastern states that still brightly display a large ad for that company.

The barns that dot the countryside are eye-catching, so it only makes sense to use them as a rural billboard sign. However, not all barnside paintings are advertisements for companies. They also make an excellent palette for any statement that an artist wants to make. Some choose to make a patriotic gesture and paint a giant flag on the side of their barn. Especially at this time of year, when we celebrate the birthday of this great country, it is a pleasing sight to see a brightly painted American flag flash by as you drive down a rural highway.

You can have the opportunity to incorporate some Americana into your home as well. The wood that is used in the construction of barnwood furniture is as American as apple pie. Even though your barnwood bed or dining room table may not be painted in a flag motif, it is still a representation of many years of America’s birthday celebrations. It’s even possible that before that wood became part of your furniture collection, it was part of a barnside patriotic display. Happy Birthday, America! Enjoy your Fourth of July and keep your eye out for a star spangled barn in your area.

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