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Cottage Barnwood 48 inch Hutch Model # 16185

I was flipping through channels on the TV the other day and a news story caught my eye. The commentator was talking about an experiment they had conducted in several different settings across the country. In one of these segments, an actor approached someone on the street to ask for directions to somewhere in the city. The stranger obliged with the directions, but halfway through the stranger’s descriptions a couple of people walked between the two with a poster, at which time a similar but different actor stepped into the first actor’s place. Each time the stranger ignores the poster distraction, looks at the new actor but seems not to notice the difference, and continues on with the directions.

A second segment was conducted in a speed dating scenario. Again, one actor begins the conversation with a speed dater, then excuses him or herself to the restroom and is replaced by a similar actor. Even though the new person may have a slightly different hair color or a different color of eyes, the speed dater does not seem to notice the difference.

This whole experiment just goes to show how oblivious we can oftentimes be to changes and differences that we experience in our day to day lives. Guys, have you ever come home to your wife or girlfriend, failed to notice a fairly drastic change in her hairstyle, and she becomes upset because of it? It seems that our entire population is becoming a little narrow sighted.

If you don’t want for your furniture and décor to go unnoticed by your visitors, consider investing in some truly unique and distinctive pieces. Reclaimed barnwood furniture is truly one-of-a-kind and would surely be noticed by your visitors. Display your treasured dinnerware in the beautiful Cottage Barnwood Hutch to deliver an impact on both your showpieces and your choice in furniture. Serve wine and cocktails to your dinner guests from the Riverwoods Pub Table with Wine Cabinet. The drinks may not taste any better from such a beautiful piece of furniture, but your guests are sure to notice your beautiful pub table. You can surely bet that if your guests were asked about their visit to your home, they will have noticed your distinctive furniture.

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