Illuminating Your Home the Old Fashioned Way

Meyda 5 Arm Rustic Chandelier

A chandelier is one of the oldest lighting fixtures. It conventionally has candles attached on its sprouting branches and had served the purpose of lighting homes in the olden times. To date, the way chandeliers work has been quite altered using light bulbs and is used by many in the beautification of their homes.

The rustic chandelier is one of the most common types of chandelier. Rustic chandeliers are essential elements in rustic home decorating. It is most important for it is hanged on ceilings, making it more visible to be noticed. This very popular style is perfect for giving a room the western rustic touch. These chandeliers could be often ornate but of rustic material accenting.

Rustic chandeliers come in varied sizes, from the smallest to the largest with over a dozen branches. These branches are oftentimes real antler and mule horns, but because of wildlife preservation, brass and metal are molded and designed to replicate these horns. This process of molding is employed to gain the desired rustic orientation of each chandelier. Westerners favor rustic chandeliers over other modern designs for it relives its history back to the era of Hellenic theoretical outlining.

Some of the rustic chandelier products are:

  • Rustic Pendant Chandeliers. These chandeliers usually do not have branches; instead, they have an anchoring base. The light elements are enclosed in the base pendant.
  • Rustic Pool Table Chandeliers. These chandeliers are overlooking lights that illuminate the pool table. Common shapes are round and triangulated.
  • Up/down Rustic Chandeliers. This is the type of chandelier where branch light covers are of opposite up and down directions.
  • Lonestar Rustic Chandeliers. A chandelier with an embossed star figure encircled by a border. The lights are fixed inside that it illuminates a star-shade effect.
  • Rustic Fountain Chandeliers. As its name suggests, this type of chandelier has sprouting upright branches like that of a fountain.
  • Rustic Antler Chandeliers. These chandeliers make use of natural antler horns for its branches. At times, a quality molded brass figured like an antler horn is used as a substitute.
  • Rustic Cabin Log Antler Chandeliers. Like with Rustic Antler Chandeliers, this type also makes use of the antler horn design only that it is built on top of a brass stand making it a floor chandelier.
  • Rustic Foyer Chandeliers. Simply foyer chandeliers.
  • Rustic Wagon Wheel Chandeliers. This chandelier type resembles a wagon wheel. It is visually a wagon wheel, hanged with three even chains and locks it against the ceiling. The lights are dedicated around the edges.
  • Rustic Country Four Light Chandelier. This has four light bulb holders which are either arranged by twos or in one straight row. There are some designs in which the bulb covers are lined at a diagonal positioning or escalating.

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