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Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Desperado Coffee Table

I have a proposition to make – why not make furniture an art? Is it possible? Of course it is! Interior designers around the world are actually doing that already.

I think the integration of art to the manufacture of furniture is the most ingenious idea that ever touched woodwork or metalwork. It breaks the idea of furniture having to be boring and blunt. It revolutionized the idea that furniture is all about functionality; that furniture is furniture as long as you can sit on it, store something in it, sleep on it, etc.

I hope you too would notice the fact that your furniture is more noticeable than any other item in your home. It’s the most visible and probably more prone to criticism. It gets a lot of attention and good furniture would definitely raise good comments.

However, the idea here is not about what people would say but rather how you yourself would feel about your home. Wouldn’t it feel better that after you have done a day’s work and in all your ruggedness and tiredness, you can come home to something beautiful? Wouldn’t it be better if you would actually love to stay at home on weekends and just invite some friends over than go someplace else because your house just gets you down?

Art is no longer a leisure today.  It is a need. With stress being a part of everyday life, everyone could use a little art therapy to relieve all that. So, why not make art visible at your home. No, you don’t need a David clone standing in your living room or a placebo Last Supper hanging in your kitchen wall. All you need is some resourceful and efficient interior designing.  Here is my take on that – turn your furniture into art pieces, and your home into a painting scene.

Turning your furniture into art pieces can be simply be done when you, instead of buying a standard table, buy a table that looks like a sculpture. It creates the same aesthetic effect with less the costs and it gives your table more use.

Art has no barrier, so do what you like. Play with colors; for example in rugs, carpets, curtains, fabrics, etc. Experiment with shapes and textures. Sky is the limit. You really don’t need to consider anything but your own definition of beauty. Who cares, it’s your home; it’s your rules, it’s your life, and it’s all for your pleasure.

If you’re thinking “yeah, I don’t have any idea on art and all that;” no problem, thanks to JHE’s Log Furniture Place, I can give you some items to start looking at and you’d need not to go far or look far. Take a quick peek at its collection and you’ll definitely find the pieces for your home.

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