The Garden Shed

While flipping through a home and garden magazine recently, I happened upon an interesting little article that chronicled the building and design of a couple’s backyard garden shed. It was a beauty of a shed, with large windows and rustic siding. Along the front of it was a full-length porch and the entire thing was decorated with antique signs, comfortable furniture, and lovely flowers and plants.

The neatest thing about the shed was that the majority of the materials used to make it were reclaimed. The windows had been taken from an old house, and the wood from a pre-existing barn. Apparently reclaimed barn wood is useful for more than making furniture! Even the timbers from the barn’s floor had been reused as a floor in the garden shed. Inside, the builders had used an old chicken roost for storage and potato bins for holding potting soil. A sturdy potting bench provided a nice working surface. A daybed was tucked away inside and a couple of comfortable chairs graced the front porch. It was a miniature retreat, a little getaway for the tenders of the garden to embrace and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

When placing a garden shed, it is also important to consider the environment around it. These particular builders had decided to build their shed in the middle of a garden that had been established for quite some time. By doing so, the new structure looked as though it had been there for months or years. In order to complete the backyard sanctuary, some well-placed outdoor furniture can be added to peaceful areas where flowers and plantings can be especially enjoyed.

After reading the article and immersing myself in the pictures, I can almost imagine my own garden shed. I already have a love for gardening and tinkering in the yard, so a backyard getaway would be ideal for those long summer afternoons. I can hardly wait to design and build my own garden shed.

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