The Barn of My Dreams

I have been horse crazy for many years now. When I was a little girl, I dreamed about my first horse…and then I got him. He was a POA pony named Dandy, and I was so excited to call him my own! Dandy was my project for many years, even though he was an ornery sort (as many ponies can be). Eventually I moved on to a full-sized horse. I got him about the time I started high school. He was a very handsome bay Quarter Horse named Riker. During high school, he was my best friend. I rode him and cared for him every day, and he listened to all of my troubles with big brown eyes that seemed to comprehend everything I told him. We had many adventures together.

I began to have bigger dreams, about having better horses and hauling to bigger shows. It was almost an obsession to me. I would draw pictures of the horse farm that I wanted to have, and draw up blue prints of the barn that would become the focal point of that farm. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to know and work with several different horses through the years, and to be able to haul to some of those bigger and better shows. I even had some success in the show pen. Through it all, I never lost the desire to have my own horse farm, my own showplace in the country. I secretly gathered notes about the barn of my dreams.

Then my life took a few turns and horses were no longer my primary obsession. Because of moves to different parts of the country, I no longer have any horses of my own and I very rarely ride. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. However, the beauty of dreams is that they can never be taken away, no matter the circumstances. I still have the dream of my own horse farm and beautiful barn.

This farm still looks the same as it did a few years ago. I don’t wish to have very many horses; two or three is a perfect number for me. My barn will have three or four stalls, enough to accommodate my herd plus a spare stall for visitors or for moving the horses around, if need be. It will also have an office and a tack room. I plan to outfit those rooms with reclaimed barn furniture in an effort to make the structure even more authentic and to provide it with rustic charm. My office will not only accommodate horse-related information, but also my home based business. It will be very cozy and an extension of the home’s furnishings. The feed room and wash rack will be minimally furnished, with only the essentials needed for those two tasks. Outside the barn, stretching along one long side will be a porch complete with a roof overhang, flowers, and outdoor furniture. Just writing about it, I can picture it as though it is already there. Someday, somewhere, I will build this barn of my dreams. And JHE’s Log Furniture Place will be the perfect solution to assist me in decorating my office, tack room, and porch. I can’t wait for that day!

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