Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Do you ever get tired of hearing a saying that is repeated over and over again? The title of this post is something that I’ve heard many times during the course of my life. But then something happens and that saying comes bounding back to you with a strong realization of what it really means.

My husband and I are expecting a baby any day. In fact, he is one week past due. The wait for our little bundle of joy has been very difficult to bear. Waiting is especially difficult for me, because I am someone who likes to have at least a bit of a plan and some knowledge of what to expect. In this case, both of those things are thrown out the window. Our baby will come when he’s ready, whenever that is, and I have to be fine with that. There is no other option. But I know that our precious little boy will be worth all the waiting in the world, once he comes into our lives.

Sometimes the things that you want are a little more within your reach, but you still must withstand the wait. You may want to purchase a certain item for your home, like a big screen television set with a kickin’ surround sound system, but it’s just not within your budget. You decide to opt out of using a credit card and instead set up a savings account specifically for that media center. Think of how much joy you will have once you have reached your savings goal and can go out and buy that television and surround sound.

In the case of barnwood furniture, the wait is what makes the final pieces so treasured. The story that goes into the wood, the weather that makes up its rich patina, the worms that tunnel through and make tracks in the wood. These are things that can only be accomplished with a lot of time and patience. That is one big reason why we are so proud to introduce that reclaimed barnwood bed into our bedroom and that sturdy and weathered table into our dining room. Heck, we can even bring in a barnwood television stand for that new media center we purchased. All of these pieces contain something that no other furniture possesses…the gift of time. We wait for years, and in return for our patience we are rewarded with remarkable pieces of furniture for our homes. Yes, good things really do come to those who wait.

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