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As I am often compelled to do, the other day I was doing a random Google search about reclaimed barnwood furniture. The results turned up some fascinating websites chock full of information and pictures. I became intrigued as I saw some of the pictures where old barnwood had been used as siding on newly constructed houses. Some of them were even shaped like barns. Fascinated, I called my husband over to look. He was just as impressed as I was. We both agreed that a home like that would be a forever home.

These reclaimed barnwood homes would be considered forever homes for a variety of reasons. First, the price tag alone may run extremely high. As if the cost of traditional lumber isn’t enough, reclaimed barnwood is priced according to the extra work and care that is taken when dissembling the barn it came from, then the storage and care it receives while it’s waiting to arrive at its new destination. Additionally, some of the wood taken from barns is more than a century old. The historical value alone is priceless. Some of the types of woods that were used in those old barns may not be seen in the lumber market today. Of course, the character, personality, and distinction these reclaimed barn boards contain are what make them attractive for some people to use as materials in their homes and furniture.

And speaking of attraction, only some of the population would consider living in a house that looks like a barn. For that reason, if one were to construct a reclaimed barnwood home, it must be considered that any eventual attempts to sell it may be frustrating. While some of us admire and adore the thought of living in a modern home with a primitive and historic presence, it is not for everyone.

My Google search has definitely sparked some interest for my husband and I about building a forever home, wherever and whenever that may be. Both of us oh’d and ah’d over the pictures and could visualize ourselves living in just such a home. I even looked at interior pictures and began to imagine how I would decorate our house and what barnwood furniture I would select to fill it. Until then, we have a nice segue into discussions about our future forever home.

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