Teak Furniture for Outdoor Fun and Style

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree which is native to Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Teak is coarse, dense, and contains silica. Teak is basically used to create furniture which one can use outdoors like boats. Teak has a durability and rarity which is natural and relative most especially in extreme conditions. Teak is usually pricier than other kinds and types of wood. Nevertheless, teak furniture is smooth and knot-free and needs not to be replaced for a very long period of time.

There are various kinds of furniture made of teak. Benches are one. These are ideal for commercial purposes because teak is naturally durable and resistant against termites. Teak benches are further varied according to designs and lengths. Patio furniture is typically in demand in tropical places. The construction of patio furniture is perfect for teak wood because of its long lasting sturdiness. Recumbent seats, like chaise and other loungers, are also perfect if they are made from teak, especially of the chairs are to be exposed under the sun. Likewise, teak furniture is best for outdoor dining tables and chairs. Teak can also be an excellent material when making umbrella frames. Its weather resistance and lightness makes it a better choice than metals and plastics. Teak may also be made into planters, desks, floorings, moldings, handrails, and even for office furniture.

Having granted its natural handsomeness, teak furniture needs not be maintained in a cumbersome manner. Teak doesn’t need to be manually or technically protected. Teak-made products may be left under the scorching sun or even under extreme climate and weather conditions. But in order to preserve teak’s natural honey tint, teak sealer is often recommended to teak furniture owners. This sealer contains chemicals to protect teak wood from molds and ultraviolet rays. It preserves teak’s natural color but is not similar to varnish. Preservatives may also be applied on teak furniture. Two coatings on all sides and surfaces are enough to care for its natural beauty and strength. Occasionally, water may be used to remove dirt and oil. Teak also has its own oil production and so vigorous chemicals are not really advised for cleansing the wood.

After a while, maybe after a couple of seasons, the color of teak furniture turns into a grayish tinge of silver. This is natural and it stays like that without cracking or decaying. Teak is, indeed, the best and ultimate choice for outdoor furniture creation. Teak-made boats, benches, chairs, and tables appear more elegant especially when they are basking under the sun. Teak products may be expensive but you will definitely get your money’s worth because of their low maintenance, sturdiness, and uniqueness. Teak furniture even gets more beautiful as it ages. Teak wood is perfect if you would you are aiming for a contemporary and sophisticated feel for your garden, patio, or terrace. Not only it is pleasing to the eyes, they are also very comfortable to use.

Teak wood’s versatility is really commendable. You can use it all-year round and spend very minimally for its maintenance. What more can you ask for? Teak is perfect for all of your furniture needs!

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