Lighting it Up!

Installing the right type of lighting to your home is very essential to the overall appearance. Each peace sets the tone of your decorative style. If you are into a warm, natural feel then rustic lamp shades are what you need.

It would not be that easy to describe rustic lamp shades with one word due to the variety of styles and designs plus the various materials manufacturers use to make them, from parchment, linen, leather to glass and wood.

There are several color schemes to choose from as well. Rustic lamp shades with plain natural colors, textured and those that are carefully crafted with intricate designs like wood work or some sort of animal antlers to give you that vintage feel. Manufacturers opt to use colors like, brown, tan and other warm hues to give off that soft atmosphere you may be looking for.

You have a choice of western, southwestern, animal/wildlife and vintage themes, most of which consist of antlers, animal skin, logs and other wood types, glass and different forms of cloths. Most rustic lamp shade bases go well with batik themed shades and may be requested from your desired manufacturers.

Lamp shades in general come in different shapes. More often than enough the shade is tapered and the base is wider forming an inverse cone. This gives the entirety of the lamp an interesting look. Most lamp makers try to captivate the buyer with an exquisite design of the shade; others however try to be more creative with the base of the lamp. They try to be less conventional and not stop at the standard cylindrical base.

Most rustic lamp shades are handcrafted using natural materials like wood, antlers and rawhide. Each piece can come in different sizes from 23 to 32 inches in height. You also have the option customize the piece you want pending on where you will order your lamp. The scenes can be modified based on the size of your desired lamp. So may choose from a standard shade, a laced lamp shade or a hand painted lamp shade.

Given that there is a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from you are bound to find the right rustic lamp shade to suit your taste and to fit in the atmosphere of your home. So do not fret if you cannot seem to find the perfect one to suit your house. There are a lot of options to choose from.

The whole point of lighting is to give your room a good and ample source of illumination. Instead of sticking to the ordinary ceiling bulbs and fixtures go with lamps and shades that compliment majority of your furnishings and trimmings. Be it the purpose of lighting varies from reading or setting the mood. Having a lamp shade can add to a decorative, artistic touch that lights up a room in more than one way.

Regardless of location and setting, rustic lamp shades fit in almost all themes. Giving you that warm ambiance you have always wanted.

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