Go Green!

If your living room is the place you want to spend most of you time in, you should not spare the details and make it the most relaxing room in your house. Aside from the entertainment system you plan to put up and that cozy couch one must come up with a theme for the perfect space. A barn wood living room is the way to go.

The term ‘barnwood’ encompasses various styles; from the good old west theme to the classy new English type.

Barn wood furniture pieces are not only elegant but they give you that sense of age. How things get better as they age like wine and cheese. Barn wood furniture has that quality in them. Carefully crafted by artists no two pieces are the same. Each piece be it a coffee table or a bookshelf has its own unique pattern that exudes beauty and class. Each cleverly put together for a purpose of function and ingenuity

There are several types of barnwood to choose from. Depending on the species and dimension you have oak, pine, walnut, etc. The price of the material varies based on the availability of your choice of barnwood.

Having a barnwood living room has its advantages. Not only is this sort of theme for your living room stylish it has a mature sort of feel as well compared to modern funky geometric designs. It gives you that antique rustic look you are looking for. The look that gives you that relaxing feel you want in your home. Using barnwood pieces are also environmentally friendly. You would be practically ‘rescuing’ the pieces of wood that would have been discarded into landfills and would be putting them into your homes for their second life. And lastly every piece is only one of a kind. The different kinds of color and texture give us the idea that each plank has been through a different experience, each piece has its own story to tell.

Creativity is a must when working with bits and pieces of a barn. You can make use of panels for various things, not just the basics. Explore your options, and do not limit your imagination. There are a lot of pieces you can experiment with, have an old barn door turned into a table, have scraps of wood turned into a beautiful frame etc. Maximize your resources. There are different options and various types of elements to choose from, use your mind’s eye and let the wood do the speaking for you.

At times like this when we all should do our share for the environment, let us start today. Go green. Have a barnwood living room; it is efficient, unique and you would be pitching in on saving our planet. It is rustic but charming; sturdy and tough; perfect for anyone who wants that traditional setting in their homes.

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