Environment-Friendly Dining Furniture and Décor

Decorating a room with the normal things you use in it is practical, cost-effective and less stressful. It means that you are enhancing the room using only the common things that are found in it and not buying extra decoration pieces such as framed paintings, extra curtains or another ceramic vase for the corner table. In the dining area, a barnwood dining table is one of the best things to decorate the room with especially if you want to achieve a rustic atmosphere.

There are a number of reasons why barnwood dining table is a great addition to the dining area. First of all, it is less expensive than the modern designs that are made of plastic and steel. Some are even made of reclaimed wood from old unused barns so the prices really drop from there. Barnwood dining tables from antique materials also come with history and character from all the marks and dents they have. This is also an environment-friendly way to enhance your dining room. Using the old materials gives you a nice sturdy table without having to cut a single tree. If treated properly, their firm structure can last for decades and could even be passed to family generations.

If you have an old barn that you no longer use, you can build your own barnwood dining table yourself. You should have carpentry skills, however, so just ask a friend or hire a carpenter to do the job for you if you think you might just waste the wood planks. This way, your table will be more customized according to your own specifications. Make sure that the measurements are accurate so that you can fit the table into your house and into the dining area.

Your reclaimed wood can also be used for other decorative or enhancement purposes. If you already have a wood dining table, you can cover them with a new surface from your reclaimed materials. They can also be made to barn wood chairs. This is good if you have extra materials left after making your reclaimed dining table. The materials and color can complement each other. The smaller pieces can be made into picture frames or other forms of handicraft where you can use it on.

To give it a newer look, it needs to be painted. The surfaces must be cleaned and sanded to remove damaged or uneven areas. Be sure it is nice and clean, otherwise the paint will not hold. A primer is needed to coat the wood initially. Let it dry and then cover it with your base paint. Next is the actual color of the paint that you want to finally present your new furniture. For a more antique effect, you can rough up some edges and areas by sanding it again. You can also add wood stain to give it a more aged look. You are also free to experiment on various things to achieve the desired vintage look of your dining room.

If you do well enough and if you have extra materials, you can sell them to others who want the same rustic look and feel in their houses. But if you want ready-made, high quality barnwood dining furniture, JHE’s Log Furniture Place has it. You can choose from their collection of rustic reclaimed barn wood dining room bench, hutch, kitchen islands, dining tables, chairs, barstools and wine cabinets.

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