Cottage Barnwood – A Get-Away-Place

Once in a while, we need to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city to find time to relax and unwind. People often have their little haven or fondly called “a get-away- place”. This “get-away-place” could be a rest house near a beach or a farmhouse in a province or a cottage house in the woods. The common factor of these get-away-places is that they are situated close or with the natural environment.

The most common type of vacation house is the cottage. A cottage is a one storied vacation house usually located in the forests or natural parks. It is either made out of stone or wood. The term cottage came from the United Kingdom which is described as a property in the rural areas or a traditional building. Back in the middle-ages, cottages house farmers and their families. Now, cottages are also being used as a residential house all over the world.  Some type of cottages are mock cottages, Victorian Cottages, Timber framed cottages and Stone Cottages. Cottages have different designs and use that depends on which country it is built in.

Cottages are often made for business such as vacation rentals but some are also made for private use and is good for short stays or long holiday stays. Like other vacation houses, cottages are also equipped with kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom furniture. Although, cottages tend to be smaller in size than the residential houses and has one to two bedrooms only.

The use of barnwood started in the late 19th century during the American Expansion Era. Since milled lumber are getting scarce, carpenters decided to recycle woods from old barns and use it for making houses and furniture. Every piece of barnwood has its own story to tell: the imperfections in the surface; the natural or artificial method weathering used; and the type of wood that it is made from such as pine, oak, cedar and etc.

Today, many chose to use barnwood furniture not only for its beauty and sturdiness but also for its eco-friendly function. The use of barnwood saves trees from being cut down for they come from old barns and is recycled for furniture or house making. Furthermore, barnwood gives a character of country, classic and elegance.

Having a vacation house or a get-away place is important for everyone. It may be owned or rented, no matter how simple or elegant your vacation place is, as long as it can take your mind off the busyness of the daily life for a while and rejuvenate you, the price of having a sound and eased mind to take on more of the city life, is priceless.

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