Barn Lovers Unite!

Recently I was taking a little internet tour to learn more about what I feel to be one of our most precious historical landmarks, the agricultural barns of yesterday. The power of a good internet search never ceases to amaze me, and the information that can be gained (both factual and fiction) is often more than I can hope for. During this particular search, I was somewhat shocked to find a result that hit close to home for me.

I have mentioned before that my husband and I are native to the state of Iowa. Our families and many of our friends still live there, and we try to make it back often. We are extremely proud of our roots and of our home state. So when my internet search on barns yielded a page of information about a non-profit organization called the Iowa Barn Foundation, I was never prouder of my fellow Iowans. They have joined together and formed a coalition to try to preserve the barns in Iowa!

I’m not aware if other such groups exist in the United States, but it would certainly be beneficial for our historical landmarks if they did. It’s true that if more barns were saved, less barnwood would be available for crafts and furniture. However, so many barns are in a state of disrepair that it can be assumed there would be plenty of material available for the demand of barnwood furniture. Some barns are simply past the state of repair.

However, for those stately old structures that are still in good condition but in need of some structural repair, it is encouraging to note that at least some citizens of the great state of Iowa have come forward. Their support and efforts are hopefully significant enough to preserve some of these barns so that my children and grandchildren can enjoy them when they go to visit the Iowa countryside. The barn lovers have united!

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