Baby Got Barn

Hickory High ChairMy husband and I are anxiously awaiting the addition of our newest family member. His name is Tucker and we are expecting him to arrive sometime around June 16th, less than a month away from now. This will be our first baby and I have been abuzz with preparation for his arrival. There are so many things that a baby needs! It has definitely been a learning process; full of expenses, anxiety, and excitement.

Part of what I have learned is that it is particularly true for parents of first-born children that we want to outfit our baby with all the “latest and greatest” items available. A trip into the local baby superstore, especially when we were relatively inexperienced into the world of everything baby, revealed an intimidating monster. Who knew that one little baby needed enough jargon to fill an entire superstore? Thanks to advice from friends, family, and anyone else of which we asked questions, that frustration eventually led to knowledge and excitement about the next shopping trip.

I am one of those consumers that baby outfitters love. My need to match all the pieces of a collection can result in a lot of added expense. As some of you out there are aware, it is possible to buy a completely matching set of stroller, car seat, portable playard, bouncy seat, and the list goes on. However, that perfectly matched set typically comes at a premium price. My husband and I agreed that I would put my typical matchy-matchy desires aside and instead look for good quality used items that came with a much more affordable price tag. Saving money was pleasing to me, but when I look at the tan-and-green car seat sitting on our grey-and-black stroller, I wonder if it’s really worth the reduced price.

One area that I was able to match all the pieces was in Tucker’s nursery. We decided to buy all new furniture for that room. Even though we don’t yet know our little boy’s personality, likes or dislikes, I wanted to create a personality in his nursery. Of course, since we are unaware of his desires, we based our choices on our own personal tastes. And, as I’ve expressed many times before, I like rustic furniture, particularly barnwood furniture.

Now just because I was assembling a nursery didn’t exactly mean that I needed to buy all the furniture pieces from a baby store. The crib, obviously, needed to be made specifically for a baby. However, the nightstand, dresser, and trunk will be with Tucker for many years to come. He may even still have them to put into his first home. Reclaimed barnwood furniture is sturdy, durable, and made to withstand even the abuse of an infant, toddler, and eventually the ultimate test…the teenager. So, if you find yourself assembling a nursery and you are a fan of barnwood furniture, consider the pieces that JHE’s Log Furniture Place has to offer. Your son or daughter will thank you when he or she is still enjoying that furniture years from now.

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