A Different Kind of Heaven

Your bedroom plays an important role in your daily life for it is your haven for peace, relaxation and privacy. The materials used for furnishing your bedroom will leave a lasting effect in your everyday unwinding. For that reason, it is very crucial to use the right kind of materials for your bedroom furniture.

The use of barnwood for furniture making dates back in the late 19th century throughout the American Expansion Era. Due to shortage of milled lumber, carpenters opted in reusing woods from old barns to create beds, chests, cabinets, dressers and etc. Each piece of barnwood tells a different story: The blemishes in the façade; the process of weathering – whether it is natural or unnatural; and the wood that it is made from such as pine, oak or cedar. Today, many chose barnwood furniture for it gives an antique and rustic look with a touch of authenticity.

What consist of a bedroom? First the most vital fixture of a bedroom is a bed. The said furniture must be sturdy and comfortable for this is where you drift-off and revitalize. Secondly, a bedroom must consist of cabinets where you put and keep your wardrobe and a chest where family heirlooms or old quilts are kept. Another must-have of a bedroom is a dresser. It consists of a mirror and chest of drawers. Lastly, a bedroom has at least one or two side tables near the bed. There are no limits as to how many furniture pieces you want your bedroom to have.

Another important element of a bedroom is the lighting and accessories. These set the tone and theme of a bedroom. Having a well-lighted bedroom and the right accessories such as old paintings, lamps and light colored curtains will accentuate the beauty of the rustic character of the barnwood.

A barnwood is a material which is very flexible and is easy to match with other wooden furniture. Having a barnwood bedroom will exude the ambiance of country, comfort and class. The advantage of having barnwood walls and floors is that the temperature passes quickly through wood, giving the bedroom a cooler temperature.

Another important aspect of having barn wood furniture or space is the durability, strength and uniqueness of the material.  Having this material is investing in a lifetime quality of furniture, walls or floor. Also, Barnwood is a great alternative of rustic log wood. Since barnwood is from recycled wood from barns, using it for fixtures will save forest trees from being cut down.

Bedrooms are usually decorated and furnished according to the owner’s preference and style.  So it is important for the owner to learn how to mix and match furniture in order to create a soothing yet elegant personal space. The right materials plus other elements will make the bedroom optimum for sleep and privacy.

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