The Old and the New

For those of you who haven’t already read about my roots in an earlier blog, I will let you know that I am proud to be from Iowa. I grew up in that Midwestern state and spent all of my twenties living in the heartland. Even though my husband and I no longer live in Iowa because of career obligations, we still visit our families there often and never hesitate to tell people where we’re from with pride in our hearts and voices.

To help me still feel a part of Iowa even though I live far away, my mother purchased a gift subscription to an Iowa magazine for me this past Christmas. It contains wonderful stories and anecdotes from people all across Iowa, as well as beautiful glossy full-color pictures taken from every corner of the state.

While flipping through a recent issue of that magazine, I happened upon a scene wherein an old barn was sitting peacefully in a pasture with two wind turbines positioned in front of it. That image was truly striking to me. The barn represents the best of technology from our yesteryears; created to house all of the functions of the farm and was truly the cornerstone of our agricultural history. The wind turbines are just one aspect of today’s farm: the ability to harvest and store energy in a completely natural manner.

It’s almost like the concept of reclaimed barnwood furniture. The wood from yesterday’s barns is gathered, stored, and reused for necessary items in the home such as a barnwood dining room table or a barnwood bedroom set. Wind turbines capture a naturally occurring resource, the wind, and transfer it into energy to power our homes. It’s a pretty amazing concept once you really sit and think about the differences and similarities in the technology of the old and the new.

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