Going Green

These days it seems we hear a lot about how companies and individuals, even events and communities, are making an effort to “go green”. It’s a perfectly logical concept. Because of lessons learned from the polluting effects of processes put into place since the Industrial Revolution, we know we must take drastic measures to ensure that our Earth will be sustainable for generations to come. We have learned that the cheapest way isn’t always the best way, and now we have polluted air and water as a very high price to pay for those so-called economical processes.

Many efforts have come forth to slow and possibly reverse the erosion of our natural resources. Hybrid cars are more common than ever on our nation’s highways. Companies are being rewarded for cleaning and greening their manufacturing processes. Major recycling programs have launched in communities nationwide. Green practices are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

We as individuals might wonder how we can contribute to the green movement. Some of us exhaustively recycle, some drive hybrid cars, and still others incorporate green elements such as solar energy or geothermal heat into their homes. Another practice to consider is reclaiming old or existing materials and incorporating them into new projects, reclaimed furniture, or construction.

It is common when watching home improvement shows on television to see the designers re-using pieces that they have removed from the “before” design and incorporating them into the new landscape in a new and different form. These days, there is an abundance of beautiful barn boards available as a result of old construction giving way to years of abuse from the wind and elements. These boards can be fashioned into unique pieces of barn wood furniture with indiscernible style. If you are one who owns such pieces of reclaimed barn wood furniture, you can rest assured that you have done your part to contribute to the green movement. As an added bonus, you are preserving a valuable piece of American history. Incorporating barnwood furniture into your home is a beautiful, useful, and economical way for you “go green”.

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